Introduction to Backroad Meanderings, Stories, Poems, Photos, Sketches

Backroads are meanderings, first draft essays, or poems inspired by the travels of Nancy, Dan, and a black lab named Othello.  We travel mostly in our small Pleasure Way RV always looking for that object, place, or person who becomes a topic of conversation and a photo.  Our adventures are part of the life long love of learning and conversations with strangers.   

Dan does most of the driving and helping me collect the stories.  Othello, spends most of his time watching out the window of the RV as we travel the backroads and makes friends with all the people we meet on the way.  Who does love a friendly and loving old black lab?

I do most  of the writing.  Most  of it is left to 1 draft status until I find a piece I want to revise and edit.  

The stories found in these pages are rough draft and appear in no order.  They are stories I select from various journals.  

I hope you enjoy the pages that bring you down the backroads.

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