Slice of Life

There is a stillness at 5:30 in the morning.  The sun is trying to make its way through the milky skies above.  My senses feel heightened and ready to greet the newness of the day. The stillness is interrupted by a woodpecker bearing down on an old worn out oak tree and a set of warblers singing from the treetops.  It's hard to ignore the symphony of birds greeting this morning.  The flapping of large wings makes me look up to see the gracefulness of a blue heron traveling overhead. I can't help but wonder what the day will bring. I sit by the brook listening and watching the sunlight dance upon the water and drawing  mosaic shadows on the trunks of trees.  I listen for the stories that are beginning their rehearsals in my head.  Will they be new stories or old?  Seed ideas?  Maybe just thoughts - making strawberry jam - shelling peas-reading a book- writing a poem.  Its 7:30 and the day has begun and the stillness has morphed into peace!