Monday, June 3, 2013

The following represents the work of 4th grade students during  Private Eye lessons

 Looking closely

 Drawing what you see with a jewelers loupe

 Reminds me of...
Looks like...

Composing a poem from observations

Sunflower Dandelion
By Lilly

A dandelion spreads its powerful petals
like strikes of lightning
sending out a warning.
Whale-like petals crash up and down
below a blazing sun.
By day they are like miniature blazing suns
so hot and bright yellow.
In the evening they spin & spiral up
And close into a silent SNAP!


By Olivia

A dandelion is like a forest
Stretching on and on.
Like roots holding the trees in place
and leaves falling to make a jagged top.
A dandelion is like an owl’s eye
Very yellow & bright
Wise & happy.


By Parker

Dandelions explode like fireworks,
Dancing and creating ripples
throughout its surface.
Dandelions spiral like
Spinning suns
Spiral staircases,
Twirling tornadoes,
And Wild whirlpools.


By Kiarah

Dandelions are like a fourth of July Celebration
fireworks exploding
While people sit watching on
Top of a hill.
Petals swirl around
Like burst of sunlight
in the dark sky.

By Odin

A dandelion looks like a tornado
In a bird’ eye view
It reminds me of a
Yellow sea urchin
Left on the beach.

Haiku for Toad

Haiku for Toad

Found an amazing
little visitor leaping
on the wet green grass.

Nancy March
June 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thoughts on poetry

Sunday April 7

Poems come
when I least
expect them
swelling inside
my head.
Small signs
of joy
maybe sadness
tugging at my heart.
Simple words
heal my soul
giving life
to my imagination.

Darn ole crows
black suits
blue sheen dresses
shining and strutting
across the lawn --
caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw
wake me in the early morning
high above the trees
outside my bedroom window.
GO AWAY!!!!!