Monday, June 3, 2013

The following represents the work of 4th grade students during  Private Eye lessons

 Looking closely

 Drawing what you see with a jewelers loupe

 Reminds me of...
Looks like...

Composing a poem from observations

Sunflower Dandelion
By Lilly

A dandelion spreads its powerful petals
like strikes of lightning
sending out a warning.
Whale-like petals crash up and down
below a blazing sun.
By day they are like miniature blazing suns
so hot and bright yellow.
In the evening they spin & spiral up
And close into a silent SNAP!


By Olivia

A dandelion is like a forest
Stretching on and on.
Like roots holding the trees in place
and leaves falling to make a jagged top.
A dandelion is like an owl’s eye
Very yellow & bright
Wise & happy.


By Parker

Dandelions explode like fireworks,
Dancing and creating ripples
throughout its surface.
Dandelions spiral like
Spinning suns
Spiral staircases,
Twirling tornadoes,
And Wild whirlpools.


By Kiarah

Dandelions are like a fourth of July Celebration
fireworks exploding
While people sit watching on
Top of a hill.
Petals swirl around
Like burst of sunlight
in the dark sky.

By Odin

A dandelion looks like a tornado
In a bird’ eye view
It reminds me of a
Yellow sea urchin
Left on the beach.

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