Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I haven't posted here in a while.  I've been exploring new writing,  interesting art adventures and  immersed in all genre's of reading.  April 1st I decided to reopen this blog to all my meanderings and adventures.  I now have the quiet and time to reflect and find gratitude for the moments in my day.  I was blessed to travel to Italy with my husband and son in Nov. of '13, I met some very amazing people, and visited the most spiritual of places.  During the deeper and never ending winter I read, wrote, created, and took some pretty amazing naps.  My newest journey threw me into researching the ins and outs of breast cancer and finding the faith that celebrates life.

Today is April 2nd and my mom would have been celebrating her 83rd birthday.  For her, life's journey ended at the age of 67.  Today I will post some of my meanderings and give thanks to her for giving me life.  

Happy Birthday Mom!

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