Friday, July 30, 2010

Poetry Friday with Wes McNair, Maine Poet

Why We Need Poetry
By Wes McNair

Everyone else is in bed, it being, after all,
three in the morning, and you can hear
how quiet the house has become each time
you pause in the conversation you are having
with your close friend to take a bite
of your sandwich. It is getting the wallpaper
around you in the kitchen up at last
that make cucumbers and white bread, the only
things you could find to eat, taste so good
or is it the satisfaction of having discovered
a project that could carry the two of you
into this moment made for nobody else?

The complete poem can be read and listened to at the following Colby College website
There are other poems from his newest book of poetry titled "Lover's of the Lost".
I love listening to them.


  1. a 'moment made for nobody else." Love that!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! I went to read the whole poem and there are Wes McNair's notebooks on display! How cool to see the process there before us. Thanks for the link, Nancy.