Friday, August 12, 2011

Lessons Learned From Becky

This past weekend I received the news that Becky Schaffer, a former student and friend died in Micronesia. My grief hangs heavy. Becky was an adventurous soul full of love for all the kids she worked with in the villages of India and Africa. Her life was one of living in the moment - as her friends would say - "our globetrotting friend".

Lesson's Learned From Becky:
Don't live your life in fear
Gather up what the world has to offer.
Be present each day
and watch your life unfold.
Watch for the little moments
that bring you closer to "you".
At the end of the day
life is about service to others.
Find a purpose and love
for your life's work.
Talk with your heart each day
allow it to guide you.
Know that love you give
is the most important gift of all.
Joy in life is getting to know people
and being available & present.
If I were to die today
I know I lived my life
with purpose, intention, and love.

Thank you for touching so many
lives in your well lived 24 years.
We will all miss you.

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