Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm Back!

I've been away for a while preparing to finish a 25 year career as a teacher,  learning how to retire, and managing my health.  Now, I am back and ready to put more effort into my poetry blog that gives me great pleasure.  Now that the dust has settled I realize that poetry is one of my passions that I want to pursue daily. 

So I begin this journey with welcoming in  National Poetry Month - April 2013 by sharing some of my favorite poems of late and some of my poems that are taking shape and in various states of revision. I rather think of myself as a word adventurer with an inventive style.  Keep in mind I'm playing with poetry and that is truly my passion.  I hope you will comment with advice and questions that will help me question and consider the words that form my poems. 

Hopefully, it will include the poems of former students and present students and friends who will  drop in once in a while.  

On the eve of April 1 I give hip hip hooray cheers to National Poetry Month and to all the wonderful poets out there.


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